About Katie

Green Heart Juice, located in beautiful Brevard, North Carolina, was founded in June 2014 by Katie Flanagan. Katie, who was working as a postpartum doula and educator at the time, found herself dealing with a number of debilitating health issues: severe allergies (seasonal, mold, food), itchy scalp, all round body swelling and puffiness, joint stiffness, excess weight, skin problems, anxiety, mood swings, depression, and all around irritability. All of this left her barely able to function and at times difficult to be around, so she decided to do something about it.

By following a limited diet that allowed her digestive system to heal and the systemic fungal infection (the root of most of her previous health issues) to die off, she was able to start absorbing much needed nutrients that she had not been able to before. Within a few days she regained mental clarity, her anxiety rapidly began to dissipate, and her mood swings almost instantly began to stabilize. It was a true transformation. Once Katie was feeling great and her body was on a path of healing, she was able to incorporate green juice into her daily routine. These green juices kickstarted the alkalization process she needed to start reducing inflammation and nourish the body. Over the next few months as her brain fog began to lift, it was clear that weight loss would be a glorious side effect.

By March of 2014 friends began noticing Katie’s transformation (brighter eyes, clear skin, & no longer puffy and swollen) and the bottles of green juice she was carrying around. Upon trying a sip or two of this magical elixir, people would exclaim “Girl, you could sell this stuff!” Slowly but surely word got around and the phone started ringing. Brevard was ready for Green Heart Juice.

More importantly health, wellness, and nourishing ones body became an accessible and tangible idea for people.