Bone Broth – Quart


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Bone or sipping broth is a perfect addition to your daily regimen, especially in the fall and winter months.  Due to the high levels of minerals, amino acids, gelatin, and collagen, broth can be an integral part in nourishing and supporting your dental health  hair/skin/nails, digestive health, cardio, brain and liver function.  You can sip the broth by itself, or use it in cooking (soups, rice, veggies, etc).  My current favorite additions to add flavor when sipping are: toasted sesame oil, sea salt, chili oil, and chickpea miso.  Please inquire for more info on my process and health benefits of this delicious, golden, gelatinous goodness.  Available most days of the week & throughout the year.

*All bones are organic, local, grass fed, and come from humanely raised sources.  I use a combination of chicken and beef bones.


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