At Green Heart Juice we’re all about learning, implementing, and sharing how to best attain (and maintain) a balanced body, mind, and soul. Unfortunately, each day we are all barraged with all kinds of stressors – mental, emotional, and environmental. How do we deal with this? One way to counteract some of these irritants is with a cleanse and reset. We can do this together with Green Heart Juice’s Juice Feast. Our Juice Feast is a simple and nourishing 3-Day routine that we have built to cleanse and reset the body with organic, local, cold-pressed juices, homemade broth (vegan or bone), and tea (with the option to add bulletproof coffee and kombucha). 

Juice Feasting helps the body function more efficiently, improves energy, and helps remove toxins more effectively. Learn about the benefits of our Juice Feast Program and how you can Cleanse, Heal, and Reset:

  • Heal Your Cells. Sipping a plant-based diet allows our cells to regenerate, re-establish efficient internal processes, and create energy without having to fight off free radicals and inflammation.
  • Rest and Reset Your Digestive System. Nothing is more nutritious and absorbable than raw juice. The enzymes in raw juice digest our food and turn it into fuel – all while removing harmful toxins and increasing immunity to sickness and disease. Juice quickly reaches your vital organs, resets your body, re-oxygenates your blood, flushes out fat, neutralizes the unhealthy, disease-promoting acidic state caused by the typical American diet, and helps you take control of your health and well-being. Juices require less of the stomach’s digestive processing (churning, acid and pepsin), so for just a few days your stomach will work less to extract nutrients. This break allows time for your body to heal and repair itself quickly.
Our Juice Feast includes 9-16 oz juices per day, 3-32 oz of Hot Honey, 3-QT bone broth (this may be more or less, we can talk more and adjust price), and a GHJ T-Shirt! 

Are you ready to take on this cleanse together? Get in touch, and let’s Feast!