Juice Feast


3-Day Juice Feast includes:

  • 9-16 oz juices
  • 3-32 oz of Hot Honey OR Fizz
  • 3-QT bone broth (this may be more or less, we can talk more and adjust price)
  • GHJ T-Shirt (women or regular cut)


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A 3-Day Cleanse in which you will nourish and reset with organic cold-pressed juice, sipping broth, and coffee or tea.
3 Day Feast (can be extended to 5, 7, or 10)
EACH DAY of the Juice Feast you will consume:
  • 1 – 16oz Celery Juice in the am
  • 2 – 16 oz Juices of your choice
  • 1 – 32 oz Hot Honey/Fizz/or seasonally appropriate health beverage
  • 1 – 2 quarts of Broth (Beef, Chicken, Beef+Chicken, or Vegan Immunity, all subject to current availability)
  • 1 GHJ t-shirt (women cut or regular style)
Feast Overview:
Choose your own juice adventure!
Below you will see a basic outline that is adjustable to your needs. You may choose to drink more or less, and I am happy to adjust the juice formula choices to best fit your liking (there will be a small price adjustment for added or substituted juices).

The Schedule:

Morning: Start your day with 24-32oz of warm, filtered lemon water (you can add a teaspoon of local honey) and bullet style coffee or tea if you choose. The fat in the coconut oil, butter, or ghee allows your body to assimilate up to 40% more nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties from the veggie juices! You may also choose only to add full fat, organic coconut milk (Native Forest is the only PBA free option I’ve found at Food Matters. Be sure to purchase coconut milk free of guar gum and additives.) 1 16oz Celery Juice will help cleanse your system.

Lunch: Enjoy 1-2 cups of Broth and Hot Honey or refrigerated Fizz

Late morning-early afternoon: 2 – 16oz Juices (it’s important to drink the cooler veg-based juices during the peak warmth of the day)

Late Afternoon: Bone Broth & Hot Honey/Fizz

PM: Hot Honey/Fizz, & remaining Broth

Before bed: A cup of Hot Honey or warm tea can be nice to end the day with.

Drink filtered water throughout the day, and as much warm tea as you’d like each day. You may also decide to incorporate bullet style coffee and kombucha as well!

*Jalapeño can be added to any of your juices for an added kick and metabolism boost!

Note: starting 1-2 days before your Feast, limit your alcohol, sugar, and animal proteins/fat intake. This will begin to give your liver a break, preparing for the work it is about to do during your Juice Feast. Same thing on the back end of the 3-days. Slowly ease back into whole foods, starting with steamed veggies, eggs, and fish protein. Limit alcohol and sugar for 5-7 days if possible. During this time, keep exercise light and easy. A slow walk in the woods or gentle yoga is ideal. No long or intense runs, bike rides or super strenuous work.

I look forward to chatting more with you about undertaking this Juice Feast together!