Inflammation and Your Body

We’ve all heard of inflammation as the root cause of a variety of ailments in our bodies. What really happens when our body is inflamed?

When inflammation occurs in the body, chemicals from our white blood cells enter our blood or tissues to protect the body from potentially harmful invaders. This launches the typical immune response and it’s what keeps your body healthy. Inflammation can cause physical swelling in an area such as joint pain, or it can cause swelling in vital organs, like our hearts or even our brains.

Diet is incredibly important when it comes to preventing and treating inflammation. Reducing your intake of fatty, fried foods, and consuming more healthy foods is essential.

Not sure where to start? Take it in small strides. Along with cutting out some of your daily processed foods, try incorporating our juices – which are jam-packed with anti-inflammatory and nutrient-rich properties.

One of our favorite anti-inflammatory substances is beetroot. Beetroot is rich in antioxidants, which help protect your cells from the effects of free radicals, which are the leading cause of inflammatory build up. These antioxidants can also help oxidize free radicals that already exist in your body, which treats inflammation you may already be experiencing.

Try HeartBeet, packed with beetroot for a delicious way to nourish with ease while fighting inflammation.

Beets not your thing? We’ve got you. Sip on our Harvest Moon Juice, packed with ginger- a fresh, sweet, and spicy root. Ginger contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties called “gingerols”.

Drink a daily Boost for an easy way to boost your immune system. With ginger + turmeric power pair, it’s a great anti-inflammatory drink for any time of day.

Start your day with OG, Katie’s juice of choice first thing in the morning. Through out the night our bodies tend to acidify and this little gem is packed full of alkalizing kale, lemon, & cucumber to help prepare the body for a well-balanced day. Cucumber, kale, and ginger provide natural anti-inflammatories to calm your system from the start.

Can’t decide on just one juice? We’ve got you covered with a Juice Flight, or try a Juice Feast – our popular 3 Day Cleanse and Reset!


As spring rolls around, it’s the perfect time to reset and revitalize your body, and keeping yourself body-conscious and health-informed is half the battle. We’ve got you covered with local, organic, and naturally anti-inflammatory juices so you can nourish with ease!