The Best Green Juices for St. Patrick’s Day

Skip the sweets and food-colored treats this St. Patrick’s Day, and drink your greens instead! Green Heart Juices are fresh, organic, local, easy to pick up and drink on the go. We’ve got 2 perfect Green Juices ready for you to grab and go & feel powered-up this St. Patrick’s Day. They also make for a great cocktail base to spice up your holiday! Simply add a splash of gin to make a Green Martini 🍸


Easy Greens

Ingredients: Cucumber + Kale + Celery

This juice is alkalizing, liver cleansing, hydrating, and packed full of micronutrients and minerals.

Easy Greens is great for anyone who is looking for a simple, fresh, light, and subtly sweet juice. 

Original Greens (OG)

Ingredients: Kale + Cucumber + Green Apple + Lemon + Ginger

Benefits: Alkalizing and balancing

The O.G. is a Green Heart favorite and Katie’s juice of choice first thing in the morning. Through out the night our bodies tend to acidify and this little gem is packed full of alkalizing kale, lemon, & cucumber to help prepare the body for a well-balanced day. Get your greens y’all!