The Importance of a Spring Liver Cleanse

The seasonal transition into spring is an important time to pay attention to and support our bodies. A key player in “spring cleaning” our systems is our liver. Learn more about the importance of our Liver qi and cleansing your liver.

Liver Qi

In Chinese Medicine the Liver meridian is associated with the season of Spring. Liver qi is all about expanding and growing… waking up from our winter hibernation. Just as the spring flowers are pushing up and out of the earth, so too is our liver qi pushing upward within our bodies. When Liver qi is flowing smoothly, we experience an internal sense of freedom both emotionally and physically. If our liver qi is not flowing smoothly or being properly balanced, we may experience some undesirable symptoms, such as:
  • Feelings of anger or irritation
  • Digestive issues – indigestion, bloating, burping
  • Menstrual disorders (PMS, irregular or painful menses)
  • Shoulder and Neck tension
  • Headaches and Dizziness
During spring there is a tendency to experience an increase in the above Liver
symptoms. However, by shifting our awareness and taking simple steps we can
harmonize our Liver qi and experience greater physical comfort and emotional

Steps you can take:

1. Eat your Greens. The Liver is associated with the color green! Take advantage of
the new spring growth and increase your consumption of kale, sprouts, arugula,
watercress, and other green vegetables.
2. Add sour to your diet. The flavor related to the Liver is sour! Add a slice of fresh
lemon or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water every morning.
This aides both digestive and emotional health.
3. Stay flexible: The wood element is associated with the Liver meridian. Think of
the tender new growth on the shrubs and trees, they are soft and flexible. They
move with the wind and return to their resting state. Stay flexible in mind and
body during spring. Try some stretching, do some yoga, and be easy going with
unexpected changes.