Green Heart Juice Juice Feast Testimonial from Territory Brevard

Spring into the New Season with a Juice Feast

Spring has arrived! Like many of you Transylvania County locals know, while winters here are considered relatively “mild” they sure seem to drag on, don’t they?!

Take notice of what’s  happening around you as spring blooms: the weather warms, new growth begins to bud from the earth, and flowers begin to blossom.  Your body should be mimicking this natural movement and growth!

Most of us have likely been more stagnant in the winter months. Maybe you’ve been treating yourself to heavier comfort foods, or a night on the couch under blankets instead of going for a brisk walk or taking your bike outside. That’s okay! You’re allowed to rest, relax, and even be lazy. Just don’t let that be your 24/7 lifestyle.

Spring is the perfect season to get your body into gear. The first place to start is from within. We recommend giving your digestive system a rest and reset with our Juice Feast. Nourish your body with organic, local, cold-pressed juices for just 3 days to feel renewed and ready to take Spring head-on. Not only does this cleanse and detoxify your system, it also aids in liver support (especially Beet Juice and our spring seasonal The Alkalizer!). It’s a simple, delicious way to boost levels of important vitamins and antioxidants including folate, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene, so even if a cleanse is not for you, remember to sip some (organic, local) juice each day.

If you have any questions regarding our Juice Feast program or anything regarding health in general, feel free to reach out to Katie for tips and advice. See y’all on the trails!