Juice in the Snow

3 Simple Things You Can Do to Kick Off 2022.

It’s been quite a year. You hear us. We’ve been through it. 2022 is a welcome reset button; a marker for a fresh start. Did you set any resolutions? Ours is simple: to continue to provide ways to support our community on your health and wellness journeys. Whether in big steps or small, when you’re able to focus on your own health and wellness, it in turn extends positive energy to those around you. And we’ll help you. At Green Heart Juice, we’re here to help you focus on the little things. 

Here are 3 simple things you can do to kick off 2022:

1. Nourish your immune system.

We’re talking local foods full of nutrients and minerals. Your body is a physical display of the foods you consume. Eat and drink local, organic, fresh foods and you’ll shine from the inside out and feel the benefits of a more energized you. All of our juices and foods here at Green Heart Juice are organic, local wherever possible, and made fresh to order each week. They’re curated specifically with health needs in mind.

Allow us to recommend our mineral-rich Bone Broth for a natural serving of collagen and a huge support to your hair, skin, and nails; or Ghee for a rich source of vitamins A, D, E and K. A powerful butter substitute, it also aids in the body’s absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals from other foods, and may also help soothe inflammation.

2. Reach out to Katie!

Seriously. Founder of Green Heart Juice, advocate of “Nourish with Ease,” this gal is a treasure trove of health and wellness information. Green Heart Juice is here to support you in your journey towards nourishment and wellness, whether that be in bounds and leaps or simply a toe testing the waters.

Got a question about what to eat to target a specific health need? Shoot Katie a text! Want to know the best veggies that pack a punch in the winter? Katie’s got you. She’s here to support our community and loves to provide advice. 828-275-4008.

3. Rest and rehydrate. 

Honestly, it’s that simple. Set an alarm once a day and take one minute to sit in quiet, breathe a few deep breaths, and sip some water or juice. Work on fending off the dry winter air while resetting your mental health.

Ready for a hard reset? Try our 3-Day Juice Feast.

A bit too much for you? No worries. Try a simple swap: instead of a midday coffee or soda, swing by and grab a Power Shot for a boost of nourishing energy.

2022, let’s do this.